Meuve —

Anytime it’s said, action is incited, energy is stirred and work is done.

The Story

Meuve is the half pair from two catchphrase that became popularized in 2020 on Nigeria’s social media spaces. ‘We meuve’ as people like to say wasn’t just any catchphrase, it emerged from a background of lethargy, despair into an unbelievable show of strength, tenacity, resilience and goal-getting.

It evolved into a culture that stirs action despite overwhelming shortcomings.

It became a message of hope for an average Nigerian youth battling with unemployment, brutality, poverty, marginalization and a host of other things.

The challenge

We at Bigibrand decided to immortalize this phrase into a physical product, hence, the ‘Meuve’ Energy Drink. We saw the need to share this culture with the rest of the world. Every can or bottle of ‘Meuve’ contains just the activation energy for you to overcome inaction. A taste of energy to act despite overwhelming constraints.

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